Don’t Delay your Dental Care!

Although it may be tempting to avoid the dentist’s office in the name of social distancing but don’t let Covid endanger your health!

COVID-proofing your Dental Experience

Avoiding the dentist right now can delay the diagnosis of life endangering issues such as oral cancer, mouth lesions, or gum disease. Your body’s natural immune system so it is more important than ever to take proactive measures. Take your mask to the dentist, make sure your doctor wears their mask, and wash your hands before and after your visit.

Preventative Steps

To better receive the best dental care without the dangers of the dentist’s office. Consider using teledentistry as your main dental care provider. Apps like Dentulu make it easy to contact local dentists for video calls, phone calls, home visits, and live chats. These are good alternatives for when you might need a consultation, check-up, or second opinion.

Dentulu’s patented Mouthcam is sold to patients and dentists alike and is an excellent supplementary tool that allows dentists to get a HD look inside of a patient’s mouth from across town.
Teledental services are typically less expensive compared to traditional dental services, this makes great dental care more accessible to families all over the world.
Don’t put yourself in danger, stay on top of your dental health.

Experience Dentulu’s Award Winning
Dental Mobile App

Dentulu’s award winning dental app helps patients find trusted, licensed, and available dentists in their area “On Demand.” Dentulu also offers Dentists a variety of enterprise solutions to help them run their practices more efficiently and productively.


24/7 Emergency Dentists

Licensed Emergency Dentists nearby are a click away when you need them most 24/7/365 available to you on demand.

Patient Resource Center

Watch and learn from professionally-produced patient education videos made by dentists in both English and Spanish.

Shop Dental Products

Browse and shop the best dental products from around the world at the lowest prices.

Mobile & Onsite Dentistry

Find mobile dental providers to come to your location of choice providing dental care onsite.

Emergency Prescriptions

Antibiotics & Pain medications can be sent to your pharmacy electronically within minutes. Get the help you need when you need it.

Dental Second Opinions

Get second opinions from board certified dentists and dental specialists from the comfort of your home.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist?

Frequenty Asked Questions

Covid and Dentistry

Dental offices are natural hotspots for contamination. Dental offices are home to a multitude of high speed rotary devices that can send bodily fluids like saliva and blood into the air. Make sure your dentist wears an N95 mask as well as a face shield for maximum protection.

Refer your Friends and Family

For patients who live with others, especially the young or elderly or immuno-comopromised, it should be an even higher priority to seek teledental services. Covid 19 can be fatal to those without immune health issues which makes it very important to them that they do not come in sustained contact with those who may carry the virus.

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